What will the future hold for humanity as technology becomes increasingly central to our lives, relationships, and environment? How do we proceed with careful attention to the effects that technology has on our daily lives?

Join the Lincoln Center for Applied Ethics as we launch the Humane Technology Tarot Deck, a project that combines years of research and community-centered conversations with meaningful, artistic interpretations of the critical interventions we need to consider collectively.

Designed by the Lincoln Center team in collaboration with artist Neil Smith, our custom tarot mini-deck cards are a provocation and invitation to understand more deeply our relationship(s) with technology and digital culture.

About the Artist

Neil Smith is an illustrator, graphic designer and educator who worked as a Senior Art Editor at Nature before becoming freelance in 2008. Neil works for many leading publishers and institutions including Springer Nature, MIT Press, Rockefeller University Press, Cambridge University Press, Karger, Imperial College, Edinburgh University and of course ASU. Neil collaborates with people and institutions to help them visualize their ideas, research and concepts. Learn more about Neil’s work here.

Our Digital Deck

"Inner Worlds" - A human eye reflects the universe
"The Circular Economy" - A spinning wheel with "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" stands in front of a field with trash littered in various bins