Lincoln Scholars Program

Now accepting applications for the 2024-25 academic year!

Meet the Lincoln Scholar Class of 2023-24

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Become a Lincoln Scholar

Undergraduate Scholars participate in a one credit seminar course during the fall and spring semesters to explore applied ethics through an interdisciplinary approach. They also work together on a meaningful real world project during their second semester.

Students across ASU are welcome to apply.


Aaron Astudillo

Stefania Becerra Lavado

Ariel Courtney

Alexis DeVries

Emely Felix Perpuly

Amelayeli Garcia Leal

Katriel Hamilton

Kelly Hrizak

Neel Maniar

Brianna Iannone

Michael Li

Sophia Page

Emilio Parades Jr.

Michelle Rivera

Sofia Vanaki

Bonnie Wanstreet

Zollee Williams

Carolyn Combs

Shalini Vijayaraghavan

Zane Encinas

Tiana Hua

Kathleen Maro

Asia Bach

Victoria Favela

Peyton Belle

Alone Davis-Huff

Michelle Ledezma

Andrea Astorga-Germa

Miriam Goras

Cimone Rogers

Nadia Jackson

Faith Craig

Manasa Iyer

Savannah Goshgarian

Ranya Affas

Jordan Fakhoury

Courtney Czochara

Nathaniel Ross

Xochitl Roman

Erin Clancy

Nicholas Hernandez

Liuboxuan Jian

Alexandra Martin

Daniel Bonner

Gregory Carnesi

Elizabeth Cheng

Trevonte McClain

Jasmine Nguyen

Anthony Pizano

Emily Richards

Zain Sidhwa

Abigail Turcheck

Madeleine Zheng

Varshini Methuku

Jaydi Ramirez

Edaly Gutierrez

Adrianna Matthews

Nejib Ibrahim

Catherine Morenzoni

Francisco Garcia

Alondra Arellano

Ramon Bedolla

Isabel Brady

Josephine Bucker

Huong Dang

Primrose Dzenga

Emily England

Aldwin Galand

Christopher Salinas

Justin Heywood

Jonah Ivy

Sadiya Khan

Violet Konopka

Anthony Figueroa

Trey Leveque

Destiny May

Asia Mercer

Suhey Ortegy

Carla Rendon

Emily Rosenthal

Diane Solorio Sr.

Sydney Stephens

Rebecca Strum

Missy Tran

Monique Webley

Stone Woodham


In founding the Lincoln Center, the Lincoln family was always interested in facilitating student’s ethical development. In order to better serve this vision, the Lincoln Scholars program was created to give students the opportunity to learn about diverse ethical topics and discuss challenges and solutions with peers. 

Every year, the Lincoln Center gives out $30,000 in scholarships to our students, and directly connects students to talented ASU faculty working in various disciplines. Our program includes a diverse group of students with varying beliefs, cultures and values who share a commitment to understanding and improving the communities to which they belong.

What is a Lincoln Scholar seminar like?

Faculty-Led Discussions

Ethics of Emerging Technologies

Contemporary Freedom of Speech

Reproductive Health in AZ

Diversity in Higher Education 

Business Ethics

A.I. and its Impacts on Human Jobs

Algorithms- How do they work? TikTok analysis 

Ethics of Campaign Finance 

What is Humane Technology? 

Responsible A.I. Development 

Data Collection and Privacy

Student Research Topics

Ethics of Teaching and Disability Accommodations

Social Media and Mental Health 

Ethics of Foreign Aid 

Environmental Challenges- Underrepresented Communities in Arizona 

Landscaping Ethics and Sustainability 

Ethical Leadership 

Diversity Training-Does it work? 

Large Language Models (LLM) and Education 

Healthcare Challenges in LatinX Communities 

Disability Representation in Film and Media