Experiences on TikTok

The "Experiences on TikTok" panel series highlights the voices of content creators from marginalized communities—Black creators, disabled creators, fat creators, and queer creators. Panels cover what it's like on the platform for marginalized creators, from engagement with audiences to collaborating with fellow creators, and culminate in a discussion of TikTok as a platform and a company.

To learn more about the creators and to read their full bios, visit the TOCA website.

26 Feb: Experiences on TikTok: Black Creators

Panelists: Kenidra R. Woods(@kenidra4humanity), Danila Londers (@danilmao / danilalonders), Bobbi Miller(@theafternoonspecial), moderated by Amelia Som (@ameliasom)

27 Feb: Experiences on TikTok: Disabled Creators

Panelists: Rae Cervidae(@raeostomy), Glow (@glowlockel), Jade Neal(@JadeSparks9), moderated by T.X. Watson (@txwatson)

5 Mar: Experiences on TikTok: Fat Creators

Panelists: Lindsey Holland(@im.an.adult), Eli James(@eli.4.the.world), Trang Dong(@Tranganhdong), Erynn Chambers (@rynnstar)

6 Mar: Experiences on TikTok: Queer Creators

Panelists: Mckenzie Margarethe(@Mckensea), Kenna Pearl(@kennathevampireslayer) Daejah Woolery(@Dejajtalkstv), moderated by Cecelia Gray (@CeceliaisGray)

Event Co-Sponsor

The Online Creators' Association (TOCA) is a labor advocacy group for TikTok content creators. TOCA works to help members understand the app they work on and their resources for self-determination within it, investigates TikTok's mechanics and behavior to develop best practices and combat misinformation, and holds space for TikTokers to connect as professional peers. You can learn more about TOCA by visiting their website.