Digital Humanities Initiative

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The DH Initiative, focuses on providing specific training opportunities, building community around shared goals through regular events, and continuing the expansive definition of digital humanities at ASU to include those using technology to address humanities questions and those using humanities methodologies to address the socio-cultural impacts of technology.




Faculty Representative

Faculty Representative

Digital humanities (DH), previously also known as humanities computing, has a long legacy rooted in literary and linguistic computing, dating back to the punch-card machinery of the 1950s. Today, DH not only offers an expanded repertoire of research methodologies for undertaking traditional humanities scholarship, but can also equip humanities scholars with the technological literacy necessary to grapple with the existential question raised by the rapid acceleration of technology.

In a moment when AI like ChatGPT is poised to radically reshape almost every aspect of our professional and personal lives, and information and culture are increasingly curated and circulated by algorithms, humanities-based critiques and insights are needed now more than ever. To these ends, the DH Initiative will work to address topics such as computational humanities, ethical AI, the future of the humanities, the importance of the humanities outside academia, digital public humanities, algorithmic justice, and Black DH.